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please add symtoms that can lead to death.

and allow lv.10 atheist be overpowerd

thank you

Its a fun little game, the only problem i came across really was near the end, a few people just wouldn't get sick no matter how hard i tried, it seemed to be because they always went back and forth from the church to their houses, completely avoiding everyone else. but I can let it slide, just that it was frustrating for me

Hey, every pandemic simulator needs a Greenland.

This was a whole buncha fun! I appreciate that this is just in prototype mode, so I'm fully expecting you to be implementing most of the suggestions I made (a level-based system, the possibility of failing a level, tasks to be completed on each level to pass it and so on).

I'll be keeping a very close eye on the development of this one, this concept has bags of potential to be challenging, fun and addictive! Keep up the awesome work! =)

Easy to play but really fun and comical




Loved it when they exploded. Next time, make a game where everyone explodes all the time. No matter what.


These sneaky villagers didn't know what hit them. It would be cool if you make it into a full title. :) 


For an early build, this has a ton of potential, but I did dig in and find an issue with the detonation mechanic making it tough to use in order to spread the disease. I love the ideas in the behavioral changes but some seem to be far more impactful than others. This is definitely something I'll be revisiting after some updates


I think it takes awhile to master this game. At the start it can be a bit confusing how to spread things as there really isn't a tutroial stating anything.


how do I use the boom button


You click the boom button (when you can afford to use it) and then click on a villager :)


The game is fun but from the beginning to the end i couldn't use the boom button. 

And (which is probably my own fault due to my strategy) i couldn't finish the game because one guy kept running to the church and back home, which was right next to the church. 


That was a fun experience, I like the new methods used in this version and was more challenging with the options to mutate the virus, good game I look forward to seeing what you do next.  5/5.

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