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Damn it welp i missed the Free weekend by 2 years... now i can never play the full release its ok tho. its a good game recommended for everyone tho i cant buy the full and never played the full before the game is good!


how to i downluod?


I have found the blacksmith.

I cant play help me to play 

i downloaded file and how do i start it?

Just asking is there a way to progress from the current arena? or some sort of different map

Just the single arena for the Prototype, in the full paid version coming in Summer on Steam, you'll have multiple different game modes and multiplayer maps to mess around on! 


is it ok to make a video on this game?

Of course!

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LOVE this game, but the swinging bits and enemies lean towards my most OP weapon "spider in the house" which consists of a flamethrower, 2 miniguns, and 12 gladius blades. Can you make it so you can choose which weapons enemies and swining thingies can have? like, I've got a frickin' SELECTION of weapons, from a longsword to, like 6 bricks duct taped to a short handle called "bonk kush" that kills in two hits, I'm a dumbass at weapon design, but the enemies are kung-fu masters at wielding my monstrosities, like the flamethrower minigun all directions weapon "fart lighter".

TLDR: could you implement a system where you can choose enemy weapons, and if they have no options they go to default weapons? Or maybe an option to remove the spinny thingies?

i cant explain how hard this made me laugh

Looks fun got it to load on linux 64 but it was so laggy even on minimum that I couldnt try it out much hope it gets fixed gonna want to check out the steam version

We are developing more stable version and it will come to Steam :-) We'll keep you update!


Hello! We are making more stable and fun version now :-) Please stay tuned.


whenever I get hit by something or take damage, my whole screen goes purple. Is this a bug or is it intentional?

flamethrower + a stick????? = sillyness

but who hate sillyness XD





A bit weird to answer as a developer but I guess you'll have to trust us. The game doesn't contain any viruses. :)


i  don't think so


me too

why did u reply to ur own post

Based on the pictures, this game looks somewhat like the Mad Max game.

So Soooo much fun. Thank you :D

Awesome game, but there is one bug that is really annoying: whenever I try to modify an existing weapon the top rotates 90 degrees in a random direction messing up the whole weapon.

Fear my ultimate weapon.


This was amazing! Who knew I should have been a blacksmith? Great work :D

Thank you <3

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I downloaded this and am excited to play, but can't start the game could some one tell me what i might be doing wrong

Hey i installed the game, and the Application to run it seems to be blank and asking me to look in the app store for something to run it. Am i missing something to run this game?

Sounds like you're using a Mac, is that correct? Just to check, have you made sure to un-zip the folder before running the game?

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Yes I did unzip it before i ran it.  And no I don't believe I'm using Mac.

It sounds like you might have downloaded the Linux version and trying to open it in Windows 10(or 8). Be sure you download the "Forge and" file, it is the last one in the downloads list for me. Hope this is helpful to you and have heaps of fun :)

I'm downloading this game, all the reviews seem good, I passed this game maybe about 4 times and thought about getting, but now I am and it seems really fun (:

last time i olayed this game,everytime i got hit or hit something the screen went purple until i stopped\got away from it


Very very nice and fun time with Forse and Fight. Thank you for this game! :)


This game was a ton of fun!  Can't believe all the crazy stuff you can make hahaha, really no limits :)


I do make a Gameplay Video (german), check it out. Neues Video ist raus, ein kleines lets play, schaut mal vorbei. :)


🔥 THIS GAME IS CRAZY! | Forge and Fight 🔥

This game is crazy! Forge and Fight allows you to make some crazy weapons then test them out and see the damage!

I had amazing fun with this game!


This game is a blast to play and a lot of fun coming up with crazy weapon designs! Looking forward to seeing the game grow! Awesome job! 




This game is beautiful. Absolutely fantastic. Really hoping for further updates soon. I have noticed a glitch occasionally when modifying weapons, the structure of the weapon can get jumbled on entry to modification. I believe it was only when using Multi-Connectors with the iron tubing. 

I think it would be cool if you add like, a chattering teeth special weapon part. Like a constantly chomping pair of dentures that do like 6 or 7 each bite. Or even like loose wires that dangle and do electrical damage for like 3 to 4 points extra.

Yeah, we'll get that bug sorted out :)


Really cool, I love any game that allows you to build.  Whether that be weapons, art, music.  I love how most of your games revolve around creativity, awesome work Flamebait.  Of course as a prototype it needs more to fully work, especially some tweaking with the arena fighting, but it's a great idea and I'd love to see it further developed.  


Doesn't work on linux

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Works for me and is a lot of fun :D (I'm not the dev) Did you mark it as executable?

How do you run it in linux?

I'm using Ubuntu/Mint, so it might differ for you.

What I did is mark the game executable as an executable. In Mint that's right click -> in the menu check "mark as executable".

In case your Linux distro doesn't have that option, you can do it via the Terminal too:


Hey I made a vid on this game and found the most powerfull weapon in the game give it a watch

Deleted 4 years ago

try downloading it again that should fix it its saying it cant find the download in the directory just reinstall it


Behold the Ultimate weapons: The Rapinator, The Ball Crusher, and The URFUKED. All will fear their power bwahahaha... yea -_-

doesnt work for me it wont let me put anything on my weapon


Thats odd :/ Try running it in a different quality setting

i tryed it and it didnt work idk why it wont let me it says desc under the weapon part but wont let me put it on

Hover over the weapon to place your part. Didn't also get it at first.

So funny game i like this game :>


Thanks! Feel free to join our Discord if you have suggestions for the full game :)

Made another video cos i really like the game and want to test out the limits of the weapons, and because audio in previous video was crap!

Also i had a quick idea when i was playing ... any chance we can get a weed whacker? XD 

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