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Have you ever felt the urge to spread an infectious sickness in an otherwise healthy and unresonably cheerful medieval society? Well, search no more! Epidemic is a strategic simulator that lets you control the breakout of a virus. And by modifying the virus' stats such as infection risk and fatality you can spread it and eventually wipe out all the inhabitants!

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that this is a prototype version that was developed over the course of one week, and the main purpose of it is to evaluate the core concept and whether we are going to continue its development.

Created by Flamebait Games: http://www.flamebaitgames.com/

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Epidemic_Prototype_linux32.zip 39 MB
Epidemic_Prototype_linux64.zip 39 MB
Epidemic_Prototype_osx32.zip 40 MB
Epidemic_Prototype_osx64.zip 40 MB
Epidemic_Prototype_win32.zip 37 MB
Epidemic_Prototype_win64.zip 39 MB


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The game is great so far, but: 1st, the game doesn't end, when all citizens are dead, and 2nd, there are no countermeasures or anything like that, so it is impossible to lose. It would be very great if you could implement these features.

Check our games again in a few hours ;)

Actually, maybe in a few days haha


*2 years later*

A really interesting and fun concept for a game. Good work!

sick game Flamebait!

btw all osx systems are 64 bit

btw all osx systems are 64 bit