Devlog - Weapon Showcase #8 - Minigun

It may be small, but it packs a punch! Or should we say a ton of very small but intense punches? It’s the rifle equivalent of falling into a shoal of piranhas. Meet the Minigun!


Defendr bring you their latest Minigun design. It’s the smallest on the market yet as effective as any predecessor. A true revolution to the revolving auto-rifle.

The Minigun rapidly fires bullets and is able to shred enemies from a distance. Though it does have some drawbacks as you’re immobile while firing and have to deal with its recoil. Stacking multiple Miniguns with some Fire Speed enhancing Machetes is both fun and effective, but beware that the recoil gets more intense for each Minigun in play.

*Please note that all values are subject to change before Early Access as balancing is happening continuously. Forge and Fight is coming to Early Access on SEPTEMBER 17TH!

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