Devlog - Weapon Showcase #9 - Swiss Army Knife!

Heya Blacksmiths! Hope you all are hyped for the Early Access launch tomorrow! In the meanwhile allow us to showcase our probably most diverse item yet!


The Swiss Army Knife is a finely engineered makeshift multi-weapon well suited to fit your many needs. It could be used to cut a nice slice of pizza while at the same time toasting & slicing bread, or herd cattle. It’s a compact design, however, may mean that you occasionally accidentally toast your cattle or zap your pizza. But according to the Terms of Use, that's a user error and we can in no way be held accountable.

When hitting enemies with the Swiss Army Knife it’ll inflict a random effect, meaning that you’ll either make them burn, shocked, bleed, poisoned, or frosty. It’s the weapon equivalent of an effect-casino! In itself, it boasts with decent damage and is a great way to make your weapon inflict many different effects with only a single part.

*Please note that all values are subject to change before Early Access as balancing is happening continuously.

Forge and Fight is coming to Early Access TOMORROW on Thursday, September 17th!

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