A downloadable game for Windows

In The Movie Maker Game you create your own movies and get reviews from the rude press. Build sets, control the actors, write their dialogue and record with the camera to create the film of your dreams.

The game use the Text-To-Speech voices available on your own computer via your operating system. You can download additional voices by adding more languages via your language settings.

This is a prototype developed by Flamebait Games meaning that it's not a full game experience and that it's a bit (read 'very') rough around the edges. The purpose is to evaluate the core concept so, if you like it make sure to let us know! Otherwise we may not continue development for a full game.

Make sure to join our Discord! https://discord.gg/flamebaitgames


Movie Maker Prototype W64.zip 95 MB
Movie Maker Prototype W32.zip 93 MB


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Loving this guys making youtube videos about this please make more content and take the game further dont stop we want more watch my atemp below and subscribe for more stories 

Love it. Im going to create a series on youtube with it. so i hope you continue developing! I will fund it when i get rich lol


ive tried it good concept. alot of different sites try this sortta thing but charge crazy money so as long as this stays free ya got me hooked.

this fun

make it work on linux

looks fun!

I have no idea what I'm doing with my life anymore, but I can tell you that I am enjoying it. I absolutely adore this game.

This has a lot of potential. I will follow the progress of this tool!


I had a lot of fun with this one!