A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Compose your own music and perform it in front of strangers on the street! Adhere to the feedback from your listeners and bewitch them with your catchy beats and melodies!

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This is a prototype that was developed during the course of about two weeks. It does not convey the experience of a full game and its main purpose is to test the core concept.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
Tagsbanjo, charming, Cute, drums, Music, passpartout


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lol one girl has ARG on her shirt

How to make teens give you infinite money: FILL EVERY SINGLE NOTE POSSIBLE AND PUT MAX BPM


I feel like there should be a system where you can but more instruments if you have enough money, as well. This is a great game, by the way. Although the 64bit version lags on the lowest quality. I'll update this when i see a difference in smoothness (it affects the music speed as well no matter the tempo)



cant wait to see it be made into a full game, and the ones that may come after



I really dig the concept! It reminds me of the old Punk-o-Matic flash games which I loved!  It runs a little slow on my computer, but I'm sure that could definitely get worked on!

I really like how the audience interacts based on what type of music is performed, and I found that song that makes everyone happy is Mary had a little lamb with a bit of banjo metal over the top.

The UI could definitely be improved, for example being able to see "ghost" notes of the other instruments at the same time, and maybe dedicated left click for creation and right click for deletion!

Real fun music maker! I'd love to see a bigger game of this with levels like the painting one bringing different intruments in each level or even buying different instruments, something to do with that money you can earn. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 


I love it but its lagging on my i3 laptop on the lowest graphics which is kinda sad but im ok with it

I speak spanish(sorry for my english, i'm learning), This proyect have future and can be a great game, and youtubers that speak spanish are making videos about this game:  

Again: sorry if i wrote wrong a word

Really enjoyed the game, even tho i didn't manage to compose any music that you could actually listen to, but i hope eventually i'll learn all the notes and become the best one man band out on the street!

Great game, looking forward for updates!

this is a good game! I love it


I loved your game and I did a let's play in this video:


I tried downloading the game several times, yet I still cant play it. could someone  tell me how to launch the game for windows 10?

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try using the itch.io launcher, it allows you to download itch games in a way like steam. it auto sets up the games and works well for me

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I'm not sure , maybe somthing's wrong with my device , I can't run this game smoothly. Same situation as the user'tabi';( win10,64

i downloaded and it didnt work

i have questions

1. are you planning on making this a full game?

2. if so then will there be more choice in instruments?

3. also if so, then how much will it cost?


It won't let me download this. Could you make a version you can access on the web? If there already is one, please send me the link! Thank you!

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As in; no download required, and I could just press a play button. Like how some Itch games are on the web, and some NEED to be downloaded. (I use a Mac and it won't let me download games off the web.)

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I really like the premise and loved Passpartout The Starving Artist. I That being said I have just have a couple of suggestions:

** With the current layout I found it difficult to make the instruments work well together. I ended up doing "I have a drum here and I know I want to wait a couple of half beats and then...wait what was the next drum beat? <switch to drums> Oh ok  <switch to harmonica> got that harmonica note, now for banjo do...wait what was the drum? <switch to drum>" You're basically asking the player to be able to imagine the final product but only being able to look at and work with single slices at once. Like if Passpartout The Starving Artist had a separate canvas for each color and you could only view one canvas at a time.

I was thinking you could try treating the UI to work more like a painting instead of different sheets of music per instrument, so basically keep the existing grid, but treat the music score as a single canvas and "paint" an instrument at a specific note and specific time which covers all instruments except percussion, which you could do with a separate translucent layer that comes up when you hold a key or mouse button or something so that the timing matches up but the context of what happens at that time (the horizontal axis) changes, maybe based on what type of instrument (drums, tambourine, etc)? I don't know, just throwing something out there. In any case though, basically making it so I can see everything that's going to happen at a given time.

** Having the notes next to the little piano keys would be helpful in understanding what's going on without having to purely do it by ear -- without that it's akin to trying to paint a  picture with the color picker in grayscale.

On a side note, I'm a fan of music composition and I would love to be part of a beta test/feedback group if you end up doing this! In any case, good luck!

ok, i know that is a prototype but the game lags so much for me that it is unplayable. notes delete themselves, the lag is unreal and there's a 20 second delay between me clicking on something and it actually doing that action

Sorry to hear that. We are aware of these issues and hopefully we will find some time to fix them in the future!

thank you! i do love the game though and it has potential

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I have an idea maybe instead of banjo he could have cheaper instrument like ukulele or something like this

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ok you need to stop thats the only reason im downloading the game

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i cant play the game when I download it and try playing it it say I need winzip


Just download the itch app or download winrar :) ;)

Hi, I'm a big fan of your games. I am wondering what money would be used for in this game. It seems to have no function yet, but buying/upgrading instruments seems to be a good idea. Love your work, keep it up!


Hey, appreciate it! We haven't quite decided yet, but it definitely seems reasonable that money could be used to buy instruments and the like. It could also be used for character customization if that is something we decide to have as well :)


Hello guys! Really nice work, event thought it's the first time I play any of your Passpartout games, I enjoyed the background and the characters. I would have loved to have a bit more instruments but had a lot of fun! 

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I really didn't think I'd enjoy this at first, but after the first track I made started coming together, I got kinda hooked.  With the limited instruments and notes, there is only so much you can do right now.  But with a selection of new instruments, letting you expand upon the genre of music, and many more critics to appease, this could be a good add on to Passpartout.  Obviously it's harder to just pick up and understand for just anyone, but I know nothing of music and enjoyed it none the less.  Always good to see George again too.  Really hope this gets developed a bit further, great idea Flamebait!


I make a German Testplay, have a look guys ;) Deutsches Angezockt, schaut mal rein :)

i downloaded the game but i cant run it, it says that im missing something and its telling me to reinstall it, so i did and it said the same thing

That's odd :/ It would be great if you could send a screenshot of the error and info about your computer specifications to support@flamebaitgames.com!

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ok, Flamebait, i got it working but it would only say the viewer discretion part and then it wouldn't load into the game

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seems like the old men know about music theory, I tried using four chord progression at 170 BPM standard pop style with a few spare notes to appeal to the punkers and both crowds appreciated it

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This game has some real potential. It's a great concept, though maybe not as in intuitive as the first one; it's difficult to make placing notes as fun or intuitive as painting. That being said, I still had a really good time, even though I know nothing about making music (Which clearly shows). Add more instruments, longer tracks, the ability to save, more npcs and progression and this game will be a ton of fun.

As a sort of sequel to Starving Artist, The One Man Band works pretty well. It keeps the pattern going of "artist creates a thing for cash/fame," and I like that the general art style was maintained. It makes it feel like it's all in the same neighborhood, heh. The music mechanic itself works really well, because it's simple enough for anyone to use, and the musically skilled can probably do really well with it.

Good job on this, dev. I had fun making noise.

Oooo, so excited to play this! I love the other Passpartout game and it'll be interesting to see how this one is different :)

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I like this! I don't like the fact that you re-used the same people from the other passpartout game, it makes it too simple, will they change?

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Pretty much, yea!