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Game Overview

The year is 2217, human civilization is fed up with digital entertainment and has gained a lust for physical, explosive mayhem. Mankind has lost the technology of radio communications and therefore a new classical robot wars is not possible. The great Flamebait Corporation has employed a team of so-called "hackanics" to create a new generation of oilthirsty, rage-fueled and deadly robots. This new generation of gladitorial violence-machines employ machine-learning technology to become the ultimate fighting army.


  • Create your own intelligent robots!
  • Watch them learn how to become better killing machines!
  • Click a bot to reboot their AI!
  • Upgrade your factories to produce bots quicker.
  • Destroy the enemy crystal to win the fight!

How to Play!

Create robots in the factories. Uncheck the "Learning mode" in the factory when you believe they've learned enough to be efficient killing machines. Destroy the enemy crystal to win!


This is a prototype developed over one week. For the curious tech savvy out there, the robots are controlled using an ANN.

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lnx32.zip 19 MB
lnx64.zip 19 MB
osx32.zip 19 MB
osx64.zip 20 MB
win32.zip 16 MB
win64.zip 18 MB


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is this a cool game

Yeah when i reboot them they just spin for ever... i mean ever...