Thoughts, Feedback, or Ideas for Epic Weapon Parts?

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First of all, this game was very interesting and a game with good ideas. But I think you need to adjust the balance to improve the game. 1. Blunt is op. If you attach several blunt items such as bricks, it becomes a very powerful weapon. 2. Chains are difficult to manipulate, but they do not have any advantage so they are less attractive than other weapons. 

I would like to make some suggestions. 

1. It is natural for heavy blunt weapons to have powerful attack power. But I think you should impose a penalty on them. For example, I think it's better to heavy weapon have a slower manipulation speed and decrease player's movement. 

2. Chains are difficult to manipulate. Then, you should give it an advantage. If you set an attack power as a weigh X speed, a weapon with a heavy blunt at the end of the chain can have an advantage over a normal blunt weapon. A chain weapon will have a stronger attack power than a normal blunt weapon because circular motion is easier to accelerate and maintain speed than straight motion .

3. sharp weapon need a buff. For example, it would be nice to have buffs that cause bleeding or big damage when stab.

 I can not imagine how difficult it would be because I do not know well about programming. So, I just tell you as a player. Anyway, thank you for good game.  If this game is released with some improve, I would gladly purchase this game. :)

add a gun handle or a way to make custom parts