A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

New alpha version available! (2016)

Download here: http://www.flamebaitgames.com/


Draw your own art and sell it in your gallery. Even you can be a successful artist!

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that this is a prototype version that was developed over the course of one and a half weeks, and the main purpose of it is to evaluate the core concept and whether we are going to continue its development.

We use Unity Analytics in this game which gathers anonymous data when played. This data is only used by the team and it's purpouse is to serve as guidlines to help us evaluate this prototype.

Created by Flamebait Games: flamebaitgames.com

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Install instructions

First, download, unzip and run application.

How to play:

1. Draw paintings. Use scroll to increase/decrease brush size.

2. Set the price of your painting.

3. Give your painting a title.

4. It's now up for sale! Click on a painting to adjust the price if the customers think it's too high or too low.

5. If you undervalue your painting your fame rank will go down (you start at rank 3).

6. If you sell paintings for the right price, your fame rank will go up.

7. Survive the bills and live out your artist dreams!


A good price for your first few paintings is around 30€.

The true value of your paintings is determined by several factors that's up to you to figure out.

Different customers have different artistic preferences.


linux32.zip (83 MB)
linux64.zip (83 MB)
osx32.zip (81 MB)
osx64.zip (82 MB)
win32.zip (80 MB)
win64.zip (82 MB)


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i had alot of fun making this video