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So I'm playing it on the switch and think it's great. But in the options it's says that you can turn on tilt input. I prefer tilt input but it just doesn't work at all. Can you patch it in so that tilt input works? Also sensetivity sliders for the x and y axis for the tilt input?

Can you also add these optioms to the ps4?

Awesome game, I bought the full game on steam...Highly recommend it!


I FOUND THIS OUT BY MARKIPLIER! oh shit I didn't realise I was in all caps and I'm not gonna retype this all out and idc how to spell.


played this all the way through on Switch, such a great time



You should make completed levels available to play on slow-mo or invincible mode for when you're high. The visuals are perfect for being a little out of it, but the difficulty is daunting. Needs some form of endless playground mode.


V E R Y  G O O D  G A M E

i absolutely love this game just from 5 minutes of playing it.

This reminds me of that aesthetic skateboarding game, what was it again... Griptape Backbone I think? it was something like that. but the game looks promising

I only came here because of Markiplier


me too but its not for chromebook :[

I came here because of Markiplier

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Woo! Happy to hear it!

Is this the same game you're planning on releasing on September 20th? Or is this like a demo or something?

This is an early prototype of the game. The full game is much more refined and contains lots of new content and features :)

The sensitivity is so low! anyway I can turn it up?

Hey, this looks AMAZING, but I can't really play it due to the low sensitivity. Is there any way to turn it up?

hey so it looks fun but it won't load any levels, just shows a pink screen. is there any fix?

i'm having the same problem here :(

I absolutely loved this game! I haven't had this much fun with a game in a while. The mechanics worked so smoothly and perfectly with the level design. Great work :D

I cannot tell you how badly I want to play more levels! Verlet Swing is so much fun, and I can't wait to see more from you guys! I love the feel this game has, you can speed run and try to get the best time or you can relax and swing around! Also the look is absolutely amazing! Check out my Let's Play of Verlet Swing! 

This was... relaxing

This was fun


I really enjoyed this game! It took me a little bit to figure out the swing but once I did it was super fun.

I think this was the most fun time I've ever had in a game, I loved every second of it! Made a video of me doing not great, hope you enjoy!


FUCK YEA !! I played and tried speed running  on my first attempt (bottom is my total)

This is fantastic in every way. I would love a chance to chat with the dev and get feedback on how they accomplished swinging mechanics so smoothly. I've been working on a grappling-hook/combat game concept in UE4 and am having troubles with getting swinging working right.

Hop on our Discord and we can chat! :)

Beat the final in 7.33

Very cool concept, and the designs are very interesting! Would be better if the Japanese was actually correct though. On level 16, there's a sign where it looks like you tried to write スピーディ (speedy), but it's written wrong.  Since it's vertical, the dash in the middle should be turned 90 degrees. Additionally, you put a circle next to the テ when it should be two lines, sorta like a quotation mark. I can't even type it with a circle because that's not a letter!  Always double check your work :)

Well, you've hit the big time now. Markiplier just did a video on your game. Good job!

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Hard to master. BUT I DID IT!!

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the games amazing, beat the final level in 8.72, ran in to a problem where it crashed on level 13 after grabbing the rocket, also on 13 i was getting flung straight up if i had enough momentum going up it would just kind of add some sort of extra push straight up.

It looks like this would be really fun, but I can't play it because my PC is too terrible, and also no invert mouse option

All in all probably an 8/10 game.

This was so much fun! The mechanics themselves were brilliant and the idea was super simple. Use momentum to get to the goal! The movement was SUPER smooth and ran like a charm. The music was AMAZING and I got angry when I died mainly because it'd interrupt the soundtrack! I LOVE the retro vaporwave style that the game gave off. I'm a sucker for 'different' atmosphere and graphics in indie games like this. The game was pretty hard, but there are MANY ways to finish and a lot to explore in each level. This game is an awesome way to see how differently people approach problems and scenarios. This game blew me away, thanks so much for making it! Can't wait for the full version!

Hey I recorded a quick video if you'd like to check it out! Really enjoyed it

Combining the best of both physics based acrobatic gaming and the abstract 80s style of vaporwave, Verlet Swing is a surprisingly good time for a Pre-Alpha Prototype Thing. The music, while limited to one or two tracks, is really well done and keeps a good mood going the whole time, and the visuals are pretty great is well. Everything looks clean and well designed, even down to the giant floating pizza slices. Difficulty is a bit of a mixed bag as some stages feel considerably easier than others, but it's still a fun time all the way through.

Good job on this, devs.

Easily the game I didn't know I wanted but I absolutely need. Can't wait for full version, this game is rad.

This is one of my favorite type of games


takes a bit to get used to but, after you warm up to it you can really start connecting with it!

the best game ive played sence vr and san andreas


So fun. So A E S T H E T I C

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